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Red Oak Village Project, Stockbridge, Ga

Red Oak Village senior living community is a retirement community that sits on  20 acres on the east side of Rock Quarry Road.  The entire area was heavily wooded and therefore required clearing the land prior to earthwork operations beginning.  This site required moving 35,000 cubic yards of dirt to get to grade as well as installing 7764 square feet of modular block walls.  Large excavators and articulated truck were utilized to move the dirt and we even turned the building pad over early to the general contractor.  We also installed over 2500 linear feet of the storm drain and roof drains.  The sanitary sewer was tied into an existing manhole at a sewer easement and ran up to the building.  Also, the water line was tapped on a mainline along Rock Quarry Road.  Rock Quarry Road was also required to be shut down for half a day while we prepared and installed a decal lane going into the project.  Curb, base and paving, and striping are still to be installed.  However, they are on the schedule very soon to complete this project.