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Salem Road Bridge over Flat Shoals Creek, LaGrange

Cross road bridges are structures built to span physical obstacles, in this case roads, without closing the way underneath.  Modern bridges are usually made of concrete, steel, and fiber reinforced polymers.  Most have a utilitarian appearance.  Bridges require maintenance and testing throughout their lifetime.  Maintenance includes structural health monitoring and testing.  Bridge life can be extended by after treatment of the weld transitions.  Bridges are usually regulated in country specific engineer standards.

The Salem Road Bridge over Flat Shoals Creek, built in 1929, is Troup County's last remaining steel truss bridge. The main span is 126 feet long, and is a Riveted, 7-panel Pratt through truss. Replacement is necessary due to height restrictions, narrow width, poor ride quality, and the 5 ton load rating which prohibits school buses and emergency vehicles from crossing.

The style of the new bridge, which was determined by a town hall meeting vote that received unanimous support, will be similar in appearance to the old bridge. The maintenance-free weathering steel construction will have a rustic appearance. The main span will be 143 feet long.