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Phenix Simon Solar Farm, Social Circle Georgia

A solar farm is an installation or area of land in which a large number of solar panels are set up in order to generate electricity.  They are designed to supply merchant power to the electricity grid.   Residential solar systems supply power that is then sent back to the electric utility.  The residents are then compensated for the power they produced.  Most solar parks consist of ground mounted systems.  They usually have panels mounted on motorized towers that allow panels to track the sun and adjust to it in order to maximize efficiency.  The panels in the solar farm take in energy from the sun and turn it into usable power.  This is achieved, by letting particles of light, photons, and knock electrons free from atoms which generate a flow of electricity.  Each solar panel is actually comprised of smaller units called photovoltaic cells.  This power is then put into the utility grid, where it is then used throughout the day.  This leads to fewer fossils being burned, which is better for the environment.  The best location for solar farms is on land with no other valuable land use.  Solar panels can also be installed on buildings and homes.  The performance of a solar farm depends on the climate conditions, the equipment used, and the system configuration.  Systems degrade at as much as 10% a year, but the median rate is about .5% a year.  

Mass Grading, Clearing, Earth Stripping, Storm Drain and Erosion Control
Work began on 05/10/13 and was completed by 11/30/13