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Sidewalks and Curbs

Nothing supports a newly paved asphalt road or parking lot better than properly structured concrete curbs, islands and sidewalks. Southeastern Site Development's flexibility is well suited to the site details of your next concrete project.

Our team will first dig a subgrade.  A subgrade must prepared by excavating or filling to the required elevation of the bottom of the concrete. The subgrade shall be well drained and cleaned of all sod and organic material. Where necessary for the construction of ramps and drive approaches, the curb shall be cut for its full depth. Where necessary to cut or remove tree roots, adequate precautions shall be taken so as to protect exposed roots and preserve existing trees. Any material found to be unsuitable, such as muck, peat, marl, soft clay and other such materials subject to frost heaving, differential frost action or unable to provide adequate support for surface improvements, shall be excavated and removed from the job site. Any material so removed shall be replaced with granular material as specified in the current specifications. All fills shall be thoroughly compacted to the required grade. The width of all cuts and fills shall be such that they conform to the final grading requirements as hereinafter stated.

The area between the sidewalk and curb is then graded and leveled as required to provide a slope of three-eights (3/8) to one-half (½) inch per foot toward the curb or roadway. The area between the sidewalk and property line is also graded and leveled as required to meet the original ground surface. These areas shall also be left free of all rocks, concrete, roots or other debris.