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Building Pads

A building pad is a raised area of ground that has been compacted by the weight of a bulldozer.  It is used in preparation for a foundation.

Southern Site Development knows that proper site pad development is essential. If helps ensure that your slab is properly installed and protected. A good slab has solid compacted area that will not shift, is level and is raised above the surrounding area to keep water from collecting around or entering your home.

In preparation for the pad, it is important for all the stumps and vegetation to be removed. You don’t want these root balls to be under your pad. They will eventually decompose and create a void under your slab, compromising the structural integrity of your house.

It is important to taper around the site of the pad.  Southeastern Site Development will shape the topsoil up to the pad to give it a nice even taper on all four sides. Usually we recommend building the pad at least 10–12 inches higher than the highest natural grade elevation that meets the pad. So, when you’re ready to place a 12-inch form board for your slab, it will have 20–24 inches to taper and shape the dirt around your structure. This taper will redirect water around your structure.